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Has anyone talked to you about your relationship with the money? If no, then let’s talk about it right now.

We all know, Money is a crucial part of our lives like love and relationships are. We need money to feed ourselves, to feed our minds with luxury, travel, parties, fancy clothes and to do many more things. But if you are not good at money management then you might struggle in every aspect of enjoying life.

You can find out your relationship status with money by answering a few easy questions.

Are you happy with your salary? Are you happy with your savings? Do you always struggle to pay your bills? Do you have more than one loan?

If your answer is yes for any one of the questions above then you need dire help to improve your relationship with money. I’m sharing a few tips to help improve your money mindset so you can start taking an active involvement in expanding your personal finance.

I considered the below tips to get better at it. You could do it too.

Revise your spending habits

Do you always wonder where your money flew away every month when your salary comes by? At the end of each month, do you struggle to manage your finances? You could figure out the solution to this problem just by revising your spending habits regularly.

Once you figure out your expenditure pattern, you can easily decide between your necessary and unnecessary expenses. There are a lot of apps in the market which can help you track your expenses for each month, week or even for a year. Or you could use it as simple as a diary to track your expenses.


Goodbudget, Mint, wallet, money manager You could also use google sheet or just regular excel.


Spendee, Pocket Expense Lite, HomeBudget

Define your money goals

Having a goal is very important in life. A major reason of getting anxiety wave is from not having money goals and a defined plan to achieve them.

Take your time to identify your money goals, make a plan to achieve those goals. Be specific with how much it will take to achieve that goal.

For example,

If you want to save $3000 in three months then you should be keeping at least $1000 each month aside in savings account. If you have trouble keeping money in the account, get a cash wrap it in plastic and bury it in your garden or stick it to the back of your favorite painting.

Set No spend day in month and stick to it

If you’ve been struggling to save money, you should consider freezing your spending for a few days to save some money to achieve your goal. No spend days helps you to avoid unnecessary expenses such as a party or shopping.

As a beginner, you might struggle with no-spend days, but it’s fine. Just don’t give up. No-Spend days are the way to save some extra bucks. As you get comfortable with no-spend days, you can go for no-spend weeks or no-spend month. I started setting no spend days a year back, and It helped me save a lot of money which I used to clear my debts and savings.
P. S. On no-spend days, you shouldn’t avoid spending on necessary things like gas, medication, hospital and so on.

Define monthly budgets

A budget can help you spot areas where you’re spending more and can also be set up to allow for the occasional unforeseen emergencies.

To define your monthly budget, follow the tips below

  1. Figure out your income after taxes,
  2. identify your monthly expenses,
  3. calculate your monthly debt instalments , if any
  4. your insurance payments, and more other payments if there are any.
  5. Figure out your special expenses like gifts.
  6. Try reducing your expenses to save more money.
  7. Alter your monthly budget accordingly.

Allocate this budget every month, stick to it and revise it. The remaining amount will go to your savings. The more you avoid spending on unnecessary things the more you will save towards your goal.

Try finding ways to earn extra

You can eliminate some of your financial stress by earning extra income, even if you have a full-time job. This extra income you could directly put towards your money goals. A few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month can alter your life. Here are few ways to do it:

  • Get freelance or contract work
  • Sell your old books
  • Rent out your car when you are not using it
  • Put your money into savings account which pays higher interest on savings
  • Become a proofreader
  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Invest your money into mutual funds
  • Help Google Improve
  • Peer to Peer Lending

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  • Avatar
    by Ashwini Khaire
    Posted March 4, 2020 11:57 pm 0Likes

    Good article Pooja. Keep it up.

  • Pooja Pawar
    by Pooja Pawar
    Posted March 6, 2020 12:00 pm 0Likes

    Thank You, Ashwini.

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