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Common Causes of Fatigue and Tiredness: What to Do About It

Fatigue & tiredness are most common in all age groups. Is there something to worry about? Let us make it clearer. Tiredness can be relieved by sleep or proper rest. But fatigue is something which is not relieved even after sleep or rest. There are various factors responsible for fatigue. Identifying the factors enables you to find a proper remedy.

Physical factors

Anemia, Diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunctions, cardiac problems, allergies, Vitamin d deficiencies & chronic infections.

Mental factors

anxiety, stress, depression & panic attacks.


sedative medications, during disease recovery

You can improve your overall wellbeing or reduce tiredness by practicing certain things. Mostly lifestyle & diet modifications can be the best remedy. It is recommended to talk with an expert if the symptoms persist for a long time.

Nutritious & balanced diet

Eating the recommended proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, fat & fiber-rich diet is very essential. Vegetables, lean meat, fiber-rich fruits, etc. are very important to consume. Vitamin B complex & iron removes all sorts of weakness. Avocado, berries, whole grain, melons, apple, etc. are quick energy sources. Small meals intermittently can provide energy. Avoid eating oily or fatty foods. Skipping breakfast or meals should be avoided. High-calorie foods like pizza, burgers, pasta, etc. should be avoided.


Physical activity or workouts energizes the body systems. It removes the excess fat from the body. The body attains lightness & becomes more active.

Adequate fluids

Drink the required quantity of water daily. It hydrates the entire body. It improves the nutrient absorption & circulation in the body. It empowers the brain cells.

Reduce beverages like coffee, carbonated drinks or tea

Over-dependence on tea or coffee can cause excessive fatigue. Caffeine causes adrenal dysfunction. The soda drinks or bottled drinks contain added sugar. These drinks create drowsiness after prolonged use.

Sound sleep

Waking up early is inevitable to reduce fatigue. Sleep reduces stress or anxiety. It also balances the mind & body. Go to bed when you feel tired. It is better to avoid late & oversleeping. Maintain a sound sleep routine daily.

Tips to relieve fatigue

  • Make your healthy drinks such as oat- banana smoothies, berry-avocado smoothies, without added sugar.
  • Soup prepared using meat bones with vegetables of your choice flavored with salt & pepper can beat fatigue to a great extent.
  • Green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce or cabbage & cooked sprouts flavored with lemon can eliminate fatigue

Great tips to become smart & active. Simple & easy home remedies to energize your day. Be a smart worker, not a hard worker. Do you feel drowsy or tired always?

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